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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.  Our mailing address is PPOA, PO Box 988, Goldendale WA 98620
~ Neighborhood News ~
Radio Read Water Meters
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017
Summit Excavation, who is the contractor hired by KPUD, will begin installing radio read water meters on Wed. 6/28/17 around 9am. They will be working on southeast Golden Pine, the bottom of E. Ponderosa, picking up Aspen and Tamarack. Customers will experience temporary water outages as contractors work in the area. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know. Sharon Blodgett Water/WW Coordinator Klickitat County PUD 1313 S. Columbus Ave. Goldendale, WA  98620 (509) 773-7623 (509) 773-311 SBlodgett@klickpud.com<mailto:SBlodgett@klickpud.com>
Posted on May 14th, 2017
Saturday, May 13, 2017
Ponderosa Park residents,
Due to an unforeseen financial situation, Firewise expenditures including `chipping‘  will be suspended temporarily.
Chipping requests made before midnight Saturday, May 13, will be dealt with in the order they were received.
The board realizes it is an inconvenience, but it is still possible to burn smaller piles if done safely and with the proper permits and authorizations.
Thank you for your understanding and compliance.
Barking Dogs
Posted on Feb 24th, 2017
Dogs’ bark, that’s what they do.  Dogs bark for many reasons.  People have owned dogs for thousands of years; we’ve called them `watchdogs.’ These days’ people have house pets, yard pets, guard dogs, Seeing Eye dogs, law enforcement and the military uses dogs for all sorts of things, we have working dogs, herd dogs, dogs as friend and companions, every shape and size.
One thing they all have in common, they all `bark’ for one reason or another. Some dogs bark as warning, `Enemy at the Gates’.  Just doing their job.  Some bark from excitement, `Dad’s Home’, dinner’s come’n.  Other dogs bark when they tree a squirrel, `come out and shoot this thing before it screws up mom’s garden’. So many reasons; I’m cold, I’m hungry, why do you keep me in prison, I’m lonely.  I love you, why don’t you love me. Relentless barking by ill-mannered dogs?  Punish the dog?  Punish the dog’s owner?
There have been complaints to our Compliance Committee about relentless, unattended barking.  Residents, asking that something be done.  It’s a nuisance.  I will agree, but I will not at this time, single out individual residents for not attending to their pets needs and teaching them to be valuable Park residents and family members. Maybe this missive will be spread around; I don’t think it’s out of place.
If individual problems remain, and starting next week, I will bring complaints to the immediate attention of our Executive Board and take whatever action is deemed necessary.
Thank you, Steve Fuller, Ponderosa Park Compliance Committee
Firewise Work Party
Posted on Nov 18th, 2016
PPOA members at the Firewise work party on November 6, 2016.
Check the Firewise page for information on the Wild Fire Assessment Program and the Cost Share Program for Property Owners Clearing Land.
A Regular Visitor
Posted on Sep 24th, 2015

The bear with 2 cubs is becoming a regular visitor to Ponderosa Park.  This picture was taken on lot 180 around 9/10/2015.  Only the sow is shown in this picture.  She's heading in the direction of the power lines.
Courtesy of Dick Gregson.
Big Eddy's Cub?
Posted on Aug 17th, 2015
Is this Big Eddy's year old cub?  Looks to be about 150 to 175 pounds.
Photo courtesy of J&J Cargill.

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