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Board Members

To communicate with your PPOA Board please use the Contact Us feature on the Home Page. .
2018 Board
Steve Fuller, President
Adrianna Rose, Vice President
Stasha Garcia, Secretary
Julie Boswell, Treasurer
Larry Gourley, Member At Large
2017 Committees and Laisons
Firewise: Tobiah Isreal, Carol Martin, M'Lane Baker
Improvement and Complaince: Steve Fuller, Gerry Zager
Roads: Bob Turner, Bill Martin
Letter from Steve Fuller, 11/27/2017
To:  Ponderosa Park Owners Association Board Members and Park Residents
Re:  Resignation Letter
                It is no longer possible for me to continue to hold a position on Ponderosa Park’s Executive Board.  I find it not only unprofessional, but inflammatory to be told that I carry a vendetta towards a resident;  a very strong word for simply asking those responsible to take responsibility. I’ve also been told that I feel ‘superior’ to others;  more informed, yes.  Superior, no.  There is no place for such comments or behavior in this or any other business environment, and I can no longer be a part of it. 
                I will be handling the business end of my resignation throughout this week.
Steven Fuller.