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About Us

Ponderosa Park is the largest subdivision in Klickitat County. It was started by Meg and Larry Letterman and Meg's brother Bill Kershaw in 1977.  They developed the 1000 acres into more than 180 five-acre lots. Meg's dream was to develop a community of like-minded people who wanted a simple, self- sufficient lifestyle.
Now, more than forty years later Ponderosa Park has all kinds of homes: site-built, rammed earth, and straw-bale construction, geodesic domes, and  manufactured and prebuilt homes.  Many of the residents use regular electric power; some use a combination of electric power and an alternative energy such as wind or solar power; and some are completely off the grid. Homes are heated by electric, propane, oil, or wood.
The one hundred plus families that live here now are enjoying the lifestyle the founders dreamed of.
Meg Letterman's Journal - How Ponderosa Park Came To Be
Photos accompanying Meg Lettermans' Journal can be found in Photo Album.
 Here are some local links for your convenience- Some of these links are to businesses owned by Ponderosa residents - if you would like to see your site here contact us. email or PPOA - PO Box 988, Goldendale, WA 98620