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Living Dangerously in the Era of Mega Fires A YouTube video by Paul Hessburg
Wild Fire Assessment Program
The Firewise committee strongly encourages all lot owners within the park to have their property assessed for defendable space.  This assessment can be done by a professional from the DNR, Charlie Landsman.  When you call the following number you may reach him and set up an appointment for him to assess your site:  360-972-4249; his email is charles.landsman@dnr.wa.gov
The purpose of this assessment is to identify any exterior issues that might impact the survivability of your home and property during a wildfire situation.  The assessment will be conducted using the following DNR standard "Wildfire Hazard Severity Checklist NFPA 299/1144".  These assessments will only be done at the request of the property owner and by the DNR.
Cost Share Program for Property Owners Clearing Land.
Currently there is a cost share program for removing fire risks from your property.  This is through the DNR.  The total cost for approved applicants are reimbursed for 50% of their total cost, not to exceed the maximum rate in the application packet.  You will be reimbursed with a check when the work is completed and approved by Amanda Moody.  You will also receive a form for reportable income for the amount, for your federal income tax.  To participate in this program you must fill out an application which is online at http:surveymonkey.com/s/dnrcostshare or pick up an application at the DNR office at 900 Fairgrounds Rd, Goldendale, WA 98620.  This application needs to be submitted to Ben Hartmann of the DNR to approve your proposal for clearing/cleanup.  Ben's phone number is:  509-261-1961 or email at ben.hartmann@dnr.wa.gov
You may apply at any time of the year to participate in this program.  Approvals are subject to availability of funds.  It pay to participate in this program to help secure your property in the event of a wildfire.
Firewise Committee Members
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          M'Lane Baker, Brent Boykin-Hicks, Adar Isreal, Tobiah Isreal, Carol Martin, Ken Schleif, Pete Burlock
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